Israel by Leiah

Israel has a story for everyone.  Whether you are interested in history, culture or current affairs, let Leiah Jaffe help you to discover the story – your story.  Leiah can help you plan your trip with a special emphasis on your goals, whether they are educational, spiritual, intellectual or recreational.  Using interactive guiding techniques, you will discover connections between different ideas and how they relate to you, your family or your community.

Specialized tours are available which focus on Biblical themes, wine, nature or Israel’s start-up technology (both modern and ancient).

Join me and be a part of Israel’s story.



One thought on “Home

  1. I read your story, Mara sent it to us. How true I only realized this when we made Aliya 6 years ago. In the UK we were alone here we share our loss and sorrow and this is our comfort and sadness.
    I just wanted to tell you that last Friday we celebrated Danny’s memory with a חנוכת מצפה מחודש at Mitzpe Danny opposite Michmash. The views are magnificent! Mara was there with some of her new family as was Rachel Danny and Mara’s daughter. Today we are going there with our friends to celebrate Yom Hatzmaut with a BBQ
    Life goes on and life stands still
    Best wishes
    Pat Freip

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