Could it be that only yesterday, I climbed Masada,

Huffing and puffing to reach the top, 

To tell the timeless story

To look out on the barren scenery over my beloved Dead Sea?

Today, I climb Allenby, looking for the kosher Aroma

Leaving the sea behind

And the pristine white sand 

To grab a bite to eat before returning to the Tel Aviv beach.

My legs remember Masada

And the twitches and pangs today 

Are reminders of the strain of yesterday,

I’m reminded of Masada in Tel Aviv.

Could it be that only last night, I sat in silence

Gazing at the stars,

Thinking of my family

And the peace that comes to me only in the barren desert?

Tonight the bustle of the city fills my senses.

Lights and shops.

People of all sorts.

A building lit up like a gay pride flag, in a city that thrives on pride.

My thoughts search for that desert silence 

In the corner where I sit in Tel Aviv.

I look for solitude in the bustling city

To yearn for the desert while surrounded by vitality.

I’m reminded of yesterday, 

While surviving today, 

And anticipating my next visit to the desert.

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