Here are some ideas to get you started.  Your tour itinerary will be customized to suit you and your goals.


  • Mount of Olives: View the Old City from this famous mountain before descending to Gethsemane for a visit to the beautiful Church of All Nations and Mary’s Tomb
  • Via Dolorosa: Follow in the footsteps of Jesus along the pilgrim’s path through Jerusalem’s alleyways and markets
  • Church of the Holy Sepulcher: Experience with all your senses one of the most important churches in all of Christendom and learn about the history of this amazing site.
  • Room of the Last Supper: Visit the site of the Last Supper as well as many other events from the early church, find out why this unassuming building can claim to be the birthplace of the Christian Church.


  • Masada:  Discover the challenges facing the people who lived and died on this barren mountain.
  • Ein Gedi: Explore the bounty surrounding the natural springs.
  • Floating in the Dead Sea:  Relax at the end of the day by floating on the naturally bouyant waters of the lowest place on earth.


  • Western Wall:  Experience the Jewish people’s connection to their heritage – your ancestors could only dream of visiting here.
  • City of David:  Crawl through King Hezekiah’s tunnel to the Shiloach Pool
  • Southern Wall Excavation: Relive the glories of Jerusalem from 2000 years ago.
  • Jewish Quarter:  Feel the vibrancy of the renewed Jewish life in an ancient place.


  • Caparnaum:  Discuss some of the challenges which faced Jesus during the early days of his ministry.
  • Church of the Beatitudes:  Sense the beautiful natural surrounding which provided a backdrop for Jesus and his teaching.
  • Tabgha:  Retell the parable of the loaves and fishes,  walk to the Sea of Galilee which was a center for stories from Jesus’s life.
  • Excavations at Migdal:  Experience a town from the time of Jesus.  Home of Mary Magdalene where recent excavations are uncovering ancient stories.
  • Baptismal Site:  Imagine the setting for the Baptism of Jesus in this idyllic setting on the Jordan.


  • Tanya Winery: Trample through the vineyard on your way to the winemaker’s basement.
  • Tura Winery:  Be inspired by the story of the winemaker and the location in the heart of historic Israel
  • Gvaot Winery: Breathe in the fresh air in this small, remote winery where attention to detail is not overlooked.
  • Shilo Winery: Meet the winemaker and have a chance to discuss his unique blends and the science behind making a great wine.
  • Psagot Winery:  Chill on the deck while enjoying some award winning wines.  Gaze at the great vistas.


  • Overlook into the Gaza Strip:  Talk about the challenges which face residents of the Gaza Strip today, their history and what the future looks like for Gazans.
  • Sederot:  See rockets which were fired on the residents of the Western Negev, and the shelters which were constructed to protect the residents.
  • Nature walk:  Enjoy the natural beauty of one of the richest floral landscapes in Israel.
  • Yad Mordechai:  Learn about the Israeli War of Independence southern front through a life size mock up of the battle in this kibbutz.