Here are some sample itineraries to get you started.  Your tour can be customized to suit you and your goals.


  • Masada:  Discover the challenges facing the people who lived and died on this barren mountain.
  • Ein Gedi: Explore the bounty surrounding the natural springs.
  • Floating in the Dead Sea:  Relax at the end of the day by floating on the naturally bouyant waters of the lowest place on earth.



  • Western Wall:  Experience the Jewish people’s connection to their heritage – your ancestors could only dream of visiting here.
  • City of David:  Crawl through King Hezekiah’s tunnel to the Shiloach Pool
  • Southern Wall Excavation: Relive the glories of Jerusalem from 2000 years ago.
  • Jewish Quarter:  Feel the vibrancy of the renewed Jewish life in an ancient place.



  • Caparnaum:  Discuss some of the challenges which faced Jesus during the early days of his ministry.
  • Church of the Beatitudes:  Sense the beautiful natural surrounding which provided a backdrop for Jesus and his teaching.
  • Tabgha:  Retell the parable of the loaves and fishes,  walk to the Sea of Galilee which was a center for stories from Jesus’s life.
  • Excavations at Migdal:  Experience a town from the time of Jesus.  Home of Mary Magdalene where recent excavations are uncovering ancient stories.
  • Baptismal Site:  Imagine the setting for the Baptism of Jesus in this idyllic setting on the Jordan.



  • Tanya Winery: Trample through the vineyard on your way to the winemaker’s basement.
  • Tura Winery:  Be inspired by the story of the winemaker and the location in the heart of historic Israel
  • Gvaot Winery: Breathe in the fresh air in this small, remote winery where attention to detail is not overlooked.
  • Shilo Winery: Meet the winemaker and have a chance to discuss his unique blends and the science behind making a great wine.
  • Psagot Winery:  Chill on the deck while enjoying some award winning wines.  Gaze at the great vistas.



  • Overlook into the Gaza Strip:  Talk about the challenges which face residents of the Gaza Strip today, their history and what the future looks like for Gazans.
  • Sederot:  See rockets which were fired on the residents of the Western Negev, and the shelters which were constructed to protect the residents.
  • Nature walk:  Enjoy the natural beauty of one of the richest floral landscapes in Israel.
  • Yad Mordechai:  Learn about the Israeli War of Independence southern front through a life size mock up of the battle in this kibbutz.