Here is a compilation of Hanukkah Series by year:

2021 Series: Hasmonean Rulers

  1. Simon Thassi – Founder of a State
  2. John Hyrcanus – Push Out, Dig In
  3. Alexander Yannai – Conqueror, Builder, Soap Opera Star
  4. Salome Alexandra – Queen of Zion
  5. Hyrcanus II – All the Ways to Lead a People
  6. Aristobulus II – Calling the Roman
  7. Antigonus – The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend
  8. Miriam – He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

2020 Series: Nes Gadol Haya Po – Be’er Sheva and the Negev

  1. Hydrogen Energy Storage – Nes in Be’er Sheva
  2. Lahav Forest – Nes in the Negev
  3. David Tuviyahu – Gadol of Be’er Sheva
  4. Yitzhak Rager – Gadol of Be’er Sheva
  5. Water, Abraham, Hospitality – Haya in Be’er Sheva
  6. Halutza in Be’er Sheva – Haya in the Negev
  7. Bedouin – Po in the Negev
  8. Ethiopians – Po in Be’er Sheva

2018 Series: Battles of the Hasmonean Revolt

  1. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – A General’s Battle
  2. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Beit Horon Ascent
  3. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Emmaus
  4. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Beit Tzur
  5. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Beit Zecharia
  6. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Capharsalma
  7. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Adasa
  8. A Great Miracle Happened (W)here – Eleasa

Happy Hanukkah!

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