Hi!  Welcome to my blog.  I am a Tour Guide who has been living in Israel for almost 18 years.  Over the course of this time, I have hiked and jeeped many of Israel’s popular, and not so popular, trails.  I have driven all over her roads – 285,000 km (180,000 miles) logged on my car in the last 12 years – pretty impressive for a country the size of New Jersey.  I explored most of the National Parks, many tels, and nature reserves.  I have strolled through Israel’s cities and towns, visited her museums.  Generally speaking, I have developed a relationship with the many facets of this country.   This blog is an extension of that relationship – one that I want to share with others – so that they can see the beauty and complexity of the relationship between the Land of Israel and the people who interact with her.

My outlook, generally, is that of a person with a BA in Philosophy and a MS in Physical Organic Chemistry.   I am interested in how the disparate parts interact and contribute to the whole.  How history and the human drama affect, and are affected by, the natural world around them.  Israel is a unique laboratory for these investigations.  Perhaps in no other smallish place in the world, do you see the interplay between people and their surroundings continue unabated through history – incorporating different peoples, different outlooks, different technologies.

The idea behind Land Cruises is that Israel affords new lands, new vistas around every corner.  It is as if we are on an ocean cruise ship which stops at unique ports of call.  I invite you to join me on this journey!


  1. Since I tend to get sea sick…I am really looking forward to land cruises. Seems like the perfect solution. And I do love touring the country of Israel.

  2. Since you know I never have time to actually go on tours I am looking forward to joining you for the virtual tour(although one of these days I am actually going to leave the comfort of my office and join you).

  3. Welcome to the blogosphere. I hope you have a great time blogging and spreading the word about your great service. You are a wonderful tour-guide and I’m not at all biased.

  4. I’m looking forward to reading all about this country I love. I’m sure you will help me to love it even more.

  5. Good luck on this newest venture – I’m sure you will succeed in this as you do on all your other efforts! wish I could join you for ‘real’ and not ‘virtual’!!

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