I hope you all had a relaxing Pesach and were able to do a bit of touring.

This month, Iyar, I want to focus on modern settlement (pre-Nefesh B’Nefesh ) as a tribute to Yom HaZikaron/HaAtzmaut.  In that spirit, we will be visiting …….  ASHDOD!


Ashdod has some terrific sites.  We will have a lookout of the Most Modern port in the country (and possibly in the entire Mediterranean) – the only port in the world that is Shomer Shabbat.  We will also stop at the Ad HaLom memorial and talk about the miracles which occurred here during the Independence War.

This month:  2 dates for your convenience.

Tour date: Sunday, May 6, Iyyar 14 AND Tuesday, May 8, Iyyar 16.
Sites will include:  Lookout of Port of Ashdod, Ashdod-by-the-Sea, Ad HaLom Memorial

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