Now that the holidays of Tishrei are behind us, time for another season of Places in Your Neighborhood.  This year,  our trips will include places like Tel Beit Shemesh, the new excavations at Tel Azeka and Tel es-Safi (Biblical Gat), Qesr el-Yehud,  Tel Gezer, the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City, Park Ayalon sites, and  Ashkelon.

Our first trip this year takes us to the Rt. 444 sites.  Rt.  444 and it’s counterpart Rt. 6 lie on the ancient superhighway through Israel connecting Egypt and Mesopotamia.  As such, many important settlements in antiquity were located along its length.

Izbet Sarta (our first stop) has been excavated to the late Bronze/early Iron age.  Never heard of Izbet Sarta?  Maybe you know it by its Hebrew name – Even HaEzer – site of the (in)famous battle against the Philistines.  Here we can see how the early Israelites  constructed their towns.

We will continue to the fortress on the hill above Rosh HaAyin-  Migdal Tzedek.  We will have a chance to explore the building which most only see during their morning commute.

Last stop is the town Herod named after his father – Antipatris – and see remnants of the Roman road paved 2000 years ago, as well as foundations of buildings almost twice that old! and British water installations.

Tour date:  Sunday, October 21, Heshvan 5
Tour start: 9:15 a.m. in Rosh HaAyin
Tour end:  approx. 1:00 p.m.  in Antipatris
Approximate travel time:  30 minutes each direction.

There is a cost to enter Antipatris National Park (27 NIS per person).  For those with a Matmon card, entrance is free.  Guiding fee is 50 NIS per person.

You need to wear good walking shoes, a hat and bring water. Bathrooms are located at the entrance to Kibbutz Einat (gas station), and in the National Park.

If you are interested, please  e-mail me to let me know.  This tour will only run with a minimum of 8 people so tell your friends to come along.

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